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46 Square Meters 

12x12 pencil, thread, needle, film

I lived in many places..


First curious neighbors of my grandmother communal apartment with secrets behind each door.


Then my dad's first floor apartment with a window that served as a door when you needed to the garden outside, the most delicious черный bread with subfloor seed oil and salt would  be served though that window by mom to those playing in the garden. 

Then a new apartment for all of us together, the place that I still call home. The place where out of 4 members of the family only 1 remained. 

My Moscow apartment in a panel building in Pechtniki, where twin like panel buildings make an grey concrete urban maze. A maze that  I promised myself not to die in one day smoking out in the balcony and lookin at.

My room in Hong Kong at the size of a match box.I am still processing why I ended up with you.

Providence apartment that allowed me to be myself and gave energy to look forward to the next one.

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