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Russian Queer Art &
Visual Culture

Recently, Russian Government has been steering to-wards reviving what they claim to be “traditional Russian values”, which include heteronormativity, homophobia, gender binary, religious conservatism, etc. 



Adding to this the suffocation of indepen-dent media and scholarship, these actions have resulted in a decades worth of works by Russian queer artists to be abandoned, buried in the archives, museum storages, never exhibited, or hidden under the tag of heterosexuality. 



In this research book that was the result of my MA thesis  at Rhode Island School Of Design  I looked at the Russian queer cultural production from the Medieval Slavs until the current regime of Vladimir Putin. I argue that our recovery from that forced memory loss is vital for continuing an adequate discussion of Russian art history which should be informed with feminist and queer discourses.

* all the images in the book belong to their authors, that are cited. The thesis book is not for sale, profit, spread or further reproduction but only for academic purposes within RISD.

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