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I competed this work during the summer 2020. It consists of 13 photos that I took when I shaved my hair in May 2020. It was not a planned project, but an impulse that grew out of tiredness and desperation: my mother was in hospital with a bad case of COVID-19 in Russia. I was stuck and overworked, in the US. Washing the hair was my last concern. So it had to go. It felt great, easy. But I started receiving responses from people that puzzled me. And I could not help thinking how private is our body? Or appearance? Hair? And when does it become public? I asked people to write their responses with their own handwriting on a piece of paper and send them to me. I connected them to what they were commenting on. My shaved head. 


16x24  prints, each is an edition of 5

Film, Photos, Digital Media, gelatin silver prints on fiber paper


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